Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama and the Rogue Regime

Obama and the Rogue Regime by Ralph Nader on

As President, he cannot remain silent and do nothing, otherwise he will inherit the war crimes of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and become soon thereafter a war criminal himself. Inaction cannot be an option.

Violating the Constitution and federal laws is now routine. What is routine after awhile becomes institutionalized lawlessness by official outlaws.

Mr. Nader, a lawyer himself, makes a very key point. Obama must act to reverse and prosecute the crimes of the Bush administration, or become a criminal himself.

With a site like CommonDreams, that bans people without giving any reason, its hard to know exactly what gets one banned. But one comment I have made there in the past is to ask when would we begin the "Impeach Obama" movement. Without saying so directly, that is exactly what Mr. Nader is saying. Obama will quickly become a criminal who should be impeached if he continues any of the crimes of the Bush administration or if he fails to prosecute known and clear violations of law.

This article is not on CommonDreams ... of course.


Anonymous said...

With the way counterpunch is asking for donations similar to alternet, huffpost, and commondreams, I'm concerned that counterpunch will also end up like CD. I hope I'm wrong though.

Nannie said...

Glad to see Nader on Counterpunch.
A very wise man.
Thanks for the way into dreams. Sad there are so few posts.

I've been in Truthdig reading Hedges. Over 300 posts and very interesting.
Too many Obama posts out there. It was a done deal 2years ago. All we can do is complain or stand around. Not much of another choice. Our hands are tied. Media counts. Media did the left a mighty blow.

Anonymous said...

I don't think CD will ban for being the IP address for reading only but if they were psycho enough to ban people outright, anything's possible. If they ban, let me know and I'l find another anonymizing service out there.

KDelphi said...

Thanks. It works now, Frederick... ; )

How do you read counterpunch without paying for it? I am pretty new to this stuff.

Gawd, all alternet can talk about is Palin (??)FluffPo is drowning in ridiculousness.

Anyone know if cd can lose its 501c3 status?

I see stuff I wouidl like to read on counterpunch--but I cant seem to "open " it. lol

Hey Nannie--saw your posts on TD about Hedges.!!

Nannie said...

KD Hi...
Counterpunch is readable if you scroll down abit. Just seems you like you must join. Try that.

Great discussion from Hedges article. My dau is a teacher and I sent her the url.

"She" is terrific. Does she post often at TD? Love her humor.

I have went back to doing genealogy. Neglected since last Feb when Nader entered the race.

LittleBrother said...

Glenn Greenwald's column today elaborates on his comment the other day that "It simply is noteworthy of comment and cause for concern -- though far from conclusive about what Obama will do -- that Obama's transition chief for intelligence policy, John Brennan, was an ardent supporter of torture and one of the most emphatic advocates of FISA expansions and telecom immunity."

As Common Dreams exiles may know, I always had qualms about Obama, and my barely-open mind snapped shut after he won the nomination and "castled" to the right.

Obama supporters and defenders constantly explained away Obama's seeming devotion to neo-con and neo-liberal policies (and proponents) with the claim that for "pragmatic" reasons, Obama had to reach out to non-progressive constituencies to overcome the long odds of becoming the first so-called "black" president.

They also argued an alternative defense, that Obama may actually be more centrist and cautious-- but that We the People had to hold his feet to the fire, etc., blah blah blah.

Well, you know all this. I just want to note that this trend persists-- now the cockeyed optimists would have us keep an open mind in the face of Obama's consistent selection of neo-liberal, (neo)conservative advisors and officials.

No, I'm not implying that his administration will be identical to his predecessor's, or that Obama's administration is the equivalent of a McCain administration. But I do think that the notion that there's an unexpressed "progressive" dimension to Obama that will either spontaneously emerge, or can be called forth by "pressure" from constituents, is wishful thinking.

PS: I just wrote a dandy of a letter to Craig Brown expressing my displeasure and disappointment of the Common Dreams commenter purge. I fully expect that he will adhere to his policy of never responding to legitimate inquiries of any kind.

I'll give him a couple of weeks, then post the letter.

Anonymous said...
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Samson said...

On, just scroll down. The links to the articles are all on the left side. And they all work. They always have a blurb at the top asking people to subscribe to their print editions. And every once in awhile they do a fundraiser. But the website is always available.

Just as a disclaimer, I'm a subscriber to their print edition. That seems to be what pays the bills for them, and I like them enough to help them out. And I get to see the print articles before they eventually cycle through up on the website a few weeks later.

RichM said...

I thank whoever it was (I think it was frederickjohnson) that suggested that "ban-ees" from CommonDreams should try to get around CD's spiteful & disgusting IP block. It works very well.

I've noticed that in the less than 2 weeks since we were all banned, the CD forum has already undergone a noticeable change in character. Since they banned most of the strong critics of Democrats, all that's left is a muted dissident faction, and there's lots more Dem Party liars & blowhards. The quality of discussion has markedly deteriorated. It's become boring. The site should rename itself "Zombie Apologists for Democrats."

CD's management is disgusting -- a perfect reflection of the party they're an appendage of.

Nannie said...

Hey RichM glad to see you again. I always enjoy your posts.

Truthdig has Chris Hedges once a week for the whole week.
his article " illiterites" was posted last week and drew over 375 posts. It was about education and was interesting.
Counterpunch has an article on Ralph Nader,
Mapping Nader Voters
Where is Nader Country 2008?
By STEVE CONN November 17, 2008

Nannie said...
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