Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Trolls are not just characters in fairy tales and Tolkien novels.  And trolls are not accidental.  To anyone who is ever online as either a political activist or even just in search of honest political information, the article below is "must-read". 

Do you ever notice how on the internet that when a group starts to gather or inform others and call for change, that suddenly there are a bunch of very negative and argumentative people on that website or facebook thread?  Its not an accident.

Tell me, do you like to spend your day going to the websites and conversations of people who have the opposite views than you and then heckling and arguing with them all day long?  Maybe its just me, but that's not a pleasant way to spend a long period of time.  I'm sure there might be a few who could do that.

But compare that to the sheer volume of people who constantly show up and argue with almost anyone online who's talking to three other people about being for instance anti-war or against the idea that the entire economy should be controlled by bankers for the benefit of bankers.   From the internet, it would seem there are legions of people who just have nothing better to do all day long but to reinforce the government and corporate propaganda and basically try to  shout down anyone who might possibly think that a life controlled by generals, bankers and prison guards may not be the highest ideal to which humankind might aspire.

I suppose its possible to believe that there are legions of nasty jerks out there who think that life is only for working overtime to make bankers rich with just enough time left over to create a few children who can go die in the latest war that we just have to fight.  But, its wise to be aware that there are both public agencies and private firms who pay people to sit in front of a computer and do their best all day long to make sure its hard for you to educate yourself and organize.