Sunday, November 9, 2008

The killing continues ...

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U.S. military acknowledges dozens of Afghan civilian deaths in the past week, By M. Karim Faiez and Laura King on

The U.S. military acknowledged today that 37 civilians were killed and 35 injured during fighting this week in Kandahar province between insurgents and coalition forces.

Bush Expected to Recommend Obama Add Troops to Afghanistan by Jason Ditz on

With just over two months left in office, President Bush is hoping to add his voice to the calls for a military surge in Afghanistan, and will reportedly endorse General David McKiernan’s call for an increase in the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Of course, Obama has already promised to do a 'surge' in Afghanistan as soon as he's sworn in. So, that undoubtably means innocent civilians will keep dying. Gee, I'm so glad America voted for 'change'.

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Samson said...

Of course, the Pentagon does use the euphemism of 'during fighting between.' This is similar to the way all Palestinians killed are killed in a 'crossfire' between Palestinian and Israelis.

In Afghanistan, most of the casualties have come from US air strikes. Including yet another wedding that was blown up by the Americans recently.

Does anyone keep a count of how many weddings have been bombed in the years we've been in Afghanistan? It seems to happen over and over again.

I doubt they'd wear white gowns like American ladies, but isn't there something symbolic of an Afghan wedding that we can teach our trigger happy missile firers and say 'if you see this, try not to blow up the happy couple and their families.'?

Surely there is something that is visually different between families gathered for a wedding and a group of Taliban killers gathering for an attack?