Sunday, November 9, 2008

March on Washington, Jan 20, 2009

I've seen a couple of references calling on people to march on Washington for Obama's inagural. For movements where Obama's policies differ from what the people who voted for him want, this seems like an important action to take.

While Obama is planning his surge in Afghanistan, and his slow drawdown that would follow the Bush plan in Iraq, let him at his inagural see mass crowds of people saying "Bring the Troops home, NOW".

The Democrats keep saying we have to push them not to be evil monsters as they rule. So, how do we push them? We know it won't be easy, as they ban us from their websites and try to push us back with riot police like here in Denver. But we still must push. This seems like a golden opportunity to begin.

March on Washington, Jan 20, 2009


KDelphi said...

I'm for you sir! dont think we'd get our asses kicked??

I already see people on Open Left and Truth Dig saying that Krugman should shut up and stop "pushing Obama", and, his transition website (a wellknown poster at CD refererred us to it) has already taken down the first day's statements on heatlh care and ending the war(s).

Hell, the whole country is getting it's ass kicked anyway. Not much to lose. If the uS continues on this path, we wil self destruct.

Is Code Pink or anyone going? You wont belive it, but, the day after the election, CP sent me an email--"Obama wins, we win, and 'war is so over';"--where do intelliegent people get these ideas?? What happpeend to Does anyone have a plan? I'll do whatever I can.

wagelaborer said...

Until I saw Farenheit 911, I didn't even know that there were protestors at Bush's inaugaration.
I've been to two big demos since. Jan, 2003 and Sept 2005. There were a lot of people at both of them.
I'm pretty sure that no one that wasn't in Washington DC knew about them.
It costs money and time to get there. I don't see the point.
Personally, I'm all for a general strike. That'll get their attention!

Anonymous said...

If we're gonna be protesting, doing it in DC or at a special convention alone won't do it. We're gonna have to nail the pols straight in our districts and cities where they can be forced to pay attention. In your local districts, find people who share your viewpoint and team up and show up at the pol's office or even on the local media and make your voices heard that you want the war to end. The more people do it and the more local places that do it, the better our chances of shutting down the war in Iraq