Monday, November 17, 2008

Open Thread

If you have articles you'd like to share with others, post a link in here. Also, I'd be happy to open up the posting privilidges to others to post articles here. Just let me know if you'd be interested. My goal is to make this an open site for a community of people


Nannie said...

Counterpunch has an article on Ralph Nader,
Mapping Nader Voters
Where is Nader Country 2008?
By STEVE CONN November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008 6:45 PM

Samson said...

Interesting. Here's the link for clicking access Nader Country

The one thing I'd suggest is that in any study of voters that McKinney and Nader votes be totaled together. Assuming the far left isn't so suicidal as to continue to run self-competing campaigns, that's a better indicator of the leftist opposition strength.

Nannie said...

You may want to read this. It's very long but most informative about the Green Party and Ralph Nader...

April 6, 2005
The Crisis in the Green Party
The Magic Number 39 and My Meetings with Cobb, Kucinich and the Steering Committee

Nannie said...

Many Naderites aren't interested in the Green Party as it stands.

I do like Matt Gonzalez tho and he is a Green or was.

what's up with ? Any new news?

Samson said...

In some ways I can see it, but this split between the 'naderites' and the 'green party' is suicidally stupid.

We are in a winner take all system. Why on earth would we want to run two competing campaigns from the same tiny base of voters? We need to unify, not splinter off into even tinier groups.

I still love the Monty Python scene from Life of Brian where they are sitting in the colliseum pointing out two people over there who are the popular front for the liberation of palestine while that one person over there is the people's palestinian party, etc. Seems like that's where we are.

Of course, I have the strange notion that not only do we need to unify between Greens and Naderites, but we also need to bring the Libertarians and other right-wing opposition into one unified opposition to the corporate party(ies).

If we want to get serious about elections, we need one unified opposition candidate running against the two corporate candidates.