Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi ....

Thanks for the idea about a way to leave messages at the top of the page. When I first read that, I thought "Gee, I can't do that." But it got me exploring the 'gadgets' that Blogger provides. It turns out I'd just been looking at a page called 'Basic' in setting up my blogs. But now I found lots of new toys. :) Probably wouldn't have gone looking, certainly wouldn't have tonight, if someone hadn't made the suggestion. :) Thanks!

And once I started looking, the "Home Foreclosure Search tool" gadget seemed like such a nice statement on the times. What a lovely way to remember to say THANK YOU to Wall Street and all their Republican and Democratic friends!

Holy Cow! Is that tool correct? I typed my home Denver, CO zip code into it, and came back with a page listing about 425 properties as coming up in auction and over 500 as "bank" or "government" owned. Is that all really in my one little Zip Code?

Damn. And here I was thinking of trying to sell my condo now that I'm unemployed. Maybe not!

And Denver's not supposed to be getting hit that bad. I wonder what a south Florida or a LA or a Las Vegas zip code looks like? If that's any indication of the problem, and not just a bad website or me misreading something, that points out the real problem they needed to be solving all along. All those loans are 'bad' or 'toxic' because of the drop in real estate prices. As the market keeps getting flooded with more foreclosures, that keeps getting worse. That means more home end up as foreclosures and the problem gets worse. I know the Democrats have started doing little bits to try to say they are trying to slow down foreclosures, but if the problem is this big, then what they really needed was to be putting all of those trillions of dollars they keep promising to their Wall Street buddies instead into propping up the housing market from the bottom. If their ain't no bottom on that market, then all the money they keep pumping into the banks won't do any good. If it isn't 'stolen', or euphemistically used for 'bonuses', then it will just go down the tubes as everything else follows the housing market down.