Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dems' Election Day Message: Our First Responsibility Is to Appease Republicans

Dems' Election Day Message: Our First Responsibility Is to Appease Republicans by David Sirota on

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) delivered Democrats' election-day message this morning on Fox News. Officially speaking for the Obama campaign, McCaskill told Fox that Barack Obama's first order of business as president is to appease Republicans and start filling his cabinet with them.


Samson said...

This was very apparent during the campaign. Obama has always been conciliatory and willing to meet with the right. That's ok on its own. When it becomes very scary is when you realize that you never see the same thing with the left.

Did you ever see Obama go meet with say Iraq Vets Against the War? Or Code Pink? Or the people protesting the Wall Street bailout? Sometimes, its what you don't see or hear that you need to notice, and to me that's what strikes me about this. If Obama was meeting with various groups on the left of the political spectrum, if Obama was talking about bringing the left into his cabinet and making their voices heard, then I could accept that he does the same with the right. But its when you realize that Obama only seems to do this with the right, while the left in Denver was met by riot police to keep them far from Obama, that's when one starts to wonder a bit about what's going on.

KDelphi said...

Claire McCaskill and her "friends" are such Blue Dogs--

The constant comparisons to Reagan ("Its Morning in Am Again") is making me depressed. Do people not remember how he first ushered in the neo-cons movement?

I've never used this kind of blog---so bear with me,I have no idea what I'm doing! (prob already guessed that!)