Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's Missing in This Story?

U.S. wants ‘joint bases’ in Afghanistan, Gates says by Karen De Young in the Washington Post.

I won't quote any of this corporate media piece. That's because my comment isn't about what's written in the article. The article covers Gates' announcement of plans for a nearly permanent occupation of Afghanistan.

No, the key is what's missing from this article. If you read this article, what is the important bit of information that the article never covers?

Why is the US going to have a permanent occupation of Afghanistan? After all, this started as a raid to go get Osama Bin Laden after he attacked us on 9-11. Osama is dead. Whatever bases he had in Afghanistan have long since been found, destroyed or abandoned. If another band of terrorists were to set up a base there, we could always bomb it or missile it any time we wanted. So, why on earth is it in the US national interests to permanently occupy Afghanistan? Why is occupying Afghanistan somehow more important to us as a nation than paying teachers for our children?

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