Tuesday, June 7, 2011

But They Are Our Death Squad States.

Obamaland in this hemisphere. And yes, it involves more dead bodies.
The Killing Continues as US Doubles Down on Failed Trade Policies by Dan Kovalik

Colombia remains a death squad state - with the full support of the U.S. -- a "Genocidal Democracy," in the words of renowned Colombian human rights advocate Father Javier Giraldo. That Colombia is nonetheless the closest ally of the U.S. in the Hemisphere, however, should not be surprising as the U.S. has never seen a death squad government in this Hemisphere that it hasn't liked or sponsored. Indeed, the violence happening in Guatemala today is a continuation of the violence that the U.S. unleashed decades ago when, at the urging of United Fruit (now Chiquita), it overthrew the democratic government of President Arbenz and installed a military dictatorship which proceeded to kill around 200,000 civilians in the succeeding years.

Against this background, Secretary of State Clinton announced this past week that she is certain that the Colombia FTA will be introduced by the Obama Administration in the very near future. Bill Clinton's own confession before the Senate last year that such free "trade policies have failed everywhere they have been tried," should ring in Secretary Clinton's ears and in the ears of President Obama. And, recent events in Guatemala prove how such policies have been a failure in guaranteeing labor and human rights. Still, the Administration seems doomed by its own ideological dedication to free trade and free market principles to push through another bad trade deal with Colombia - a deal which will ratify Colombia's continued gross violations of human and labor rights.

Everyone should see the picture clearly. The reason this occurs is money. Some people make a lot of money off these 'free trade deals'. Those people give some of that money to the politicians that make the deals happen. That's why this happens. The left seems to like to wander off into vague generalities about an "Administration seems doomed by its own ideological dedication to free trade and free market principles". The problem with that, is that if you don't see the problem clearly and if you don't define the problem clearly, then you don't have much more than a prayer of solving the problem.

Defining the problem as a vague 'idealogical dedication' leaves the answer to the problem even more shrouded in vagueness. But, if you say the problem is simply that people who make a lot of money off cheap labor and raw materials from Latin America are buying off our politicians so they get the trade deals they want, not withstanding the murders and the bodies and the immigrants fleeing poverty that the trade deals bring, then at least you know what the problem is.

And the solution. We still have elections in this country. Stop voting for the politicians who do stuff like this. Learn to look at the money before the election so you can then predict that since Obama had wall street's millions behind him that a vote for Obama was a vote for these sorts of policies.

There are usually other candidates on the ballot. And there's at least a chance that if you elect one of these then you might at least get someone honest enough to not be bought. Especially if they are running a broke campaign without any money. Then you know they haven't been bought. That's who to vote for if you want to change this.

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