Sunday, June 5, 2011

And Yet Still More Catastrophe

Update: 20 killed, 360 Injured as Israeli Troops Attack Naksa Protests

On Sunday 20 civilians were killed and 360 injured when Israeli soldiers opened fire at protesters marking Naksa across the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and the Syrian border.

Israel decides its a death penalty offense to walk up unarmed to a border in protest. The US reaction is of course to treat this as a Syrian provocation (the official Israeli line) and defend Israel's right to "defend its borders".

Shooting down unarmed protesters who get near a fence is not a nation "defending its borders". So what if they crossed the border. Contain them and don't let them go anywhere. Since they aren't bringing any truckloads of food and water with them, they'll soon get bored and hungry and thirsty and go home. Just because some unarmed people walk up to a fence in protest is not an excuse for snipers and machine gun wielding infantry to start murdering people.

If you neighbor walks up to your fence, does that give you a right to shoot him? Yet, that's the logic of Israel. Which means its also what our own State Department is trying to peddle in our name as our beliefs.

Israel seems determined to try to keep up with Syria and Libya as to how many protesters they can kill. But, don't hold your breath waiting on a NATO "No-fly Zone" to protect Palestinian protesters. Not all murderous regimes who kill unarmed protesters are treated equally. In this case, the US is paying for the bullets with the billions of military aid we send to Israel. And making solemn statements defending the murder of unarmed protesters as 'defending borders'.

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