Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Club of Torturers had an informal meeting at the White House yesterday.

White House affirms relationship with Bahrain, detentions and prosecutions continue

As the Bahraini government continued its crackdown on largely Shiite pro-democracy groups, the Obama administration reaffirmed its friendship with Bahrain this week.

More Shiites were arrested and about 50 medical workers were charged by the Bahraini government this week. The government has accused the doctors and nurses of supporting the pro-democracy protests that the government has been trying for months to stop. Reuters reported yesterday that the medics have been denied access to their attorneys.

The Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, paid a visit to the White House yesterday and met with State Department officials as well as President Obama. There, the Obama administration’s soft touch on Bahrain continued, with Obama urging the Sunni monarch to “hold accountable” those responsible for human rights abuses without specifying who be held accountable, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Gee, could it be that the first person to hold accountable is the Crown Prince who's sitting in the expensive chairs at the White House as an honored guest? No, let me guess, at some point the Crown Prince will declare that after much investigation it was determined that it was the victims fault that they were tortured. As a remedy, he'll round up any survivors and punish them further for causing themselves to be tortured.

I wonder if Obama's club of torturers and assassins has official t-shirts and hats? Does the secret handshake  include breaking the fingers of a prisoner? Is there a minimum number of people you have to torture before you get invited to the White House for your initiation into the club? The bad news is that Mistress Hillary is in charge of your initiation ceremony. From the look on the Crown Prince's face, this may be something that has only just occurred to him.

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