Friday, December 5, 2008

Obama Doesn't Plan to End the Iraq Occupation

Obama Doesn't Plan to End the Iraq Occupation by Jeremy Scahill on (link uses anonymous for those banned for saying the same thing in commments).

Anyone who took the time to cut past Barack Obama's campaign rhetoric of "change" and bringing an "end" to the Iraq war realized early on that the now-president-elect had a plan that boiled down to a down-sizing and rebranding of the occupation. While he emphasized his pledge to withdraw U.S. "combat forces" from Iraq in 16 months (which may or may not happen), he has always said that he intends to keep "residual forces" in place for the foreseeable future.

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Samson said...

The comments there are pretty funny. Democrats trying to explain that we need these troops permanently there to 'guard the embasssy.' Of course, complete denial as to the fact that this isn't your ordinary 'embassy', but instead the world's largest embassy and clearly designed from the beginning to rule Iraq long-term.

And most places, we keep a handful of Marines around to guard an embassy. Not around 50,000 US service personel.

But the funny part is that Mr. Scahill is mostly just pointing out what myself and others tried to point out before the election. That Obama never intended to withdraw from Iraq.

I wonder if CD can simultaneously publish his column and block his IP from being able to read it?