Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Nobody supports the Taliban, but people hate the government'

'Nobody supports the Taliban, but people hate the government' by Robert Fisk at

The collapse of Afghanistan is closer than the world believes. Kandahar is in Taliban hands – all but a square mile at the centre of the city – and the first Taliban checkpoints are scarcely 15 miles from Kabul. Hamid Karzai's deeply corrupted government is almost as powerless as the Iraqi cabinet in Baghdad's "Green Zone"; lorry drivers in the country now carry business permits issued by the Taliban which operate their own courts in remote areas of the country.


Anonymous said...

Now that sounds familiar. The Afghans hate government but will let the Taliban rule anyway. That's no different from the US electorate. They hate the Democrats and Republicans but will vote for one of those two bozos anyway.

Samson said...

LOL ... the line that jumped into my mind about the last US election was "Nobody supports the Democrats, but people hate the government."

Think about it, there is actually very little support for 'the Democrats' in the last election. The didn't have a common policy set or platform that they really ran on.

What they really won on was an Obama image that was carefully crafted, and a general feeling that the Republicans had stunk things up pretty badly. In the restricted two-party American elections, that means the people who were fed up with Republican rule only really had one other choice.

That's not a very strong base to build on.