Saturday, December 6, 2008


"Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness." - The Matrix Reloaded


RichM said...

About these Andy Warhol-ized images of Obama, like the T shirt with the word "Hope" emblazoned across it -

If something like this was occurring in any other country, we'd look at it and shake our heads about the "cult of personality" that had overcome rational perception, in the stricken land. Obama was elected about a month ago, & he's already betrayed everyone who voted for him, as articles like Jeremy Scahill's, or this one on the WSWS make clear.

Alex Cockburn today writes, "Max Boot, a rabid right-wing commentator, confesses, 'I am gobsmacked by these appointments, most of which could just as easily have come from a President McCain.'"

I think the plan for Dem Party apologists will be as follows: from now till Inauguration, they will bleat, "Give the guy a chance! He hasn't even been sworn in yet!" Then for the next 2 years, the refrain will switch to "Give the guy some time! Rome wasn't built in a day, you know! Incremental change!" Then finally, as Obama moves even further right, in 2010-12 the chant will be, "Well, he's got to do this to be re-elected!"

The whining of Democrats about losing the Georgia Senate seat has an amusing subtext. It's as though they're saying that the 41 Republicans in the Senate are simply too much for the 59 poor Democrats to be able to cope with, since the R's can now defeat filibusters. Think about that. That's the logic of the Democratic mind. If they win elections, they either allow them to be stolen (ie, 2000, 2004), or they make appointments that are so rightwing you can't even tell who won the election (2008). And they whimper about having a 59-41 Senate majority, because it "puts them at a disadvantage."

Samson said...

The 60 number in the Senate was always a phantom goal. There are way too many Senators with a (D) after their name who vote Republican on a regular basis.

The Dems always have some excuse why they have to be awful today. The excuse changes over time, but the Dems are always awful today.

Anonymous said...

Charles Cook himself pointed out that even if the Democrats had more than 60 in the Senate, there are still the "moderate" to "conservative" Democrats who will happily join the GOP depending on the issue of course.

P.S.: About that Andy Warholized images of Obama, on CD madcow keeps drawing them and he/she has become even more of a bully from time to time when she does post on CD. I don't know if she's there now since I haven't check for the most part.

KDelphi said...

Rich--that is about it in a nutshell! I am so pissed--I have someone sending me spams of disemboweled babies. I am sick of being called a racist.

The Dems have all 3 now..there will be excuses...they lost the William Jefferson seat--good excuse.

They HAD to do the bailouts--good excuse.Next election. Not a fillibuster proof majority.

I am sick to death of them.

Anybody know much about Shinsecke, except that he hated Rummy?

KDelphi said...

Now, I cant use says "404 error" and , when I click the site--"Hello World".

Is It my pc's error?

If it isnt, I am filing an IRS complaint on these a-holes..if they are reading it here--hello fascists!

No worries--I got another tunnel..