Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now It Can Be Told (Except in North Carolina)

Now It Can Be Told (Except in North Carolina) by Steve Conn on

Attention Progressives. It’s official: Now it can be told.

Three weeks after the Presidential vote. Now it can be told. Norm Chomsky says Joe Biden’s nomination by Obama was a slap in the face (he used stronger words) to Obama’s supporters because of Biden’s positions on foreign policy and his special job of destroying credit card debtors’ pathway of escape by means of loan-shark- friendly bankruptcy reform. Now it can be told. Rob Emanuel is Wall Street’s Guy and the ultimate hawk on the War in Iraq. (Israel? Forget about it.) Now it can be told. The line- up of economic advisors and hedge fund managers who Obama selected to get us out of the mess are the very ones who got us into the mess (along with other lovely kleptocracies like the former Soviet Union). They ought to be indicted, not nominated.

I think "Norm Chomsky" is Prof Noam Chomsky's brother who also lives in Boston and hangs out at the corner bar named "Cheers". :)

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Anonymous said...

Where was Norm Chomsky when the nomination took place? At this point, even if Biden is replaced, there's still Gates, Rahm, Holbrooke, and the rest of the neocon gang. At this rate, the Republicans can easily fake "liberalism" and probably get away with it too.