Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Rituals

Ah, there are always those wonderful holiday rituals that create such warm memories when looked back on. Thanksgiving with the family, watching the Lions lose, big turkey dinners, and threats that terrorists will cause mass mayhem.

We of course hear this every holiday travel season. And so far, none come true. That's a good thing of course. But it does make you wonder about these threats that always make big news for the holidays, but which never materialize. Here's the latest, and I hope its as bogus as its predecessors.

Al Qaeda's Goal: Cripple Amtrak's N'east Corridor

If Al Qaeda terrorists have their way there will be chaos and mayhem here this holiday season, a mass transit bomb plot that would probably affect all the subway and train lines at Penn and Grand Central stations.

I can't help laughing about the call back to the evil Al-Qaida secret command post buried deep in the Kush mountains.

Terrorist: "Obama, the plot is in place. We destroy Amtrak this week!"

Obama: "Amtrak? Why are we bombing Amtrak? If we just leave it alone it will go broke and destroy itself!"

Obama: (aside after putting down the cell phone), "Ah, its so hard to find good terrorists these days."

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