Thursday, November 27, 2008

Karsai and Obama

The Afghan President Karsai, who the US put into power, seems to be begging the Obama administration not to 'surge' in Afghanistan.

Karzai Wishes He Could Shoot Down US Planes on

But today the Afghan President took his complaints to a new level, publicly lamenting that he was unable to shoot down the US planes which have been bombarding Afghan villages. Karzai added that if he had a rock attached to a piece of string, he’d use it to try to down the planes, “but that’s not in my hands.”

Karzai says US, NATO created 'parallel' government on

"The problem here is, in a diverting play, the presence of the international community has created a parallel government to those such as of the Afghan government that are functioning. The PRTs in certain parts of the country have become a parallel structure to the governor of the province," he told the U.N. team.

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