Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why we hate them.

You sometimes hear the question "why do they hate us?", and sometimes the answer "why they hate us." But, sometimes its worth asking "why do we hate them?". One thing for sure, you know it isn't anything our politicians say. But, when I come across little nuggets that seem to point that way, filing them under "Why we hate them." seems to make a least a little sense.

The following came to me on an email list.

Iran's Healthcare System

The constitution entitles Iranians to basic health care, and most receive subsidized prescription drugs and vaccination programs. An extensive network of public clinics offers basic care at low cost, and general and specialty hospitals operated by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) provide higher levels of care. In most large cities, well-to-do persons use private clinics and hospitals that charge high fees. About 73% of all Iranian workers have social security coverage.

Iran has been very successful in training/educating the necessary human resources for its health system. The system of almost 30 years ago where the country was facing a shortage of all kinds of skilled personnel in the health and medical sector has been completely changed into one in which the necessary professionals now completely suffice the country?s needs. There are now 488 government funded hospitals in Iran. There were 0.5-1.1 physicians per 1000 population in 2004 according to various estimates (about 46 percent of physicians were women).



Ever notice how the countries that we hate, such as also Cuba, have health care systems that concentrate on the health of their citizens instead of on the profits of the industry. Sometimes, especially in previous days, you used to hear statements like they "oppose American ideals" or they "oppose the American way of life." or sometimes just shortened down to they "oppose America."

Does anyone notice a pattern that this seems to be that the American ideal is a health care system that squeezes as much money as possible out of people who are ill, and that countries that practice the principle that a health care system should take care of it citizens instead end up being targets of the US.

No, I'm not suggesting a conspiracy of HMO's to overthrow governments. Just compiling a data point of common traits of the societies we seem to hate.

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