Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A tale of two coups

The image is from SOA Watch which has a lot of other good info and photos on their website. In case you don't know, "SOA Watch" is short for "School of the Americas Watch". The School of the Americas is a US military training institute that teaches the militaries and police of central and south America the finer points of torture, repression, death squads, etc. The leaders of the coup in Honduras were all trained by the US military at the School of the Americas.

Isn't it fascinating to see the difference in the corporate media coverage of the protests in Iran and the protests in Honduras. When a young lady gets killed by the Iranian state, they blast her name and picture all over the media. When two people are killed by the Honduras state which is now led by officers trained by the US, the details are buried at the bottom of stories. What's really important today is Michael Jackson. Not the fact that officers trained by the US leading a military that's largely funded by the US are killing their own citizens in the streets.

Obama is being careful so far. Actually, right now the Honduran people are getting the classic Obama-treatment. They get some nice sounding words from him. Meanwhile, he refuses to issue the one word that would help them. That word is 'coup'. Under US law, we have to discontinue aid to the illegal Honduran government and the Honduran military if Obama declares this to be a coup. Thus, that means that amongst all his pretty words about how he opposes this, the one word that you don't hear is 'coup'.

Also, awhile back I put NarcoNews on the links to the left. Whenever anything happens 'south of the border', that is an excellent source of information.

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