Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Police reaction to political protest in the US

As America continues to lecture Iran about how it should handle protests around the election in Iran, maybe its time to review the 2008 footage of exactly how America handles any protest by American citizens concerning American elections.

Denver -- riot police stand-off with protesters

Denver -- police pepper-spray peaceful protesters

And, before Americans get too preachy about Iran controlling and limiting media access, don't forget this one.

Denver -- ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors

Denver - The night the police crushed the Democracy Village in Denver

Minneapolis -- Overzealous riot police at a peace march during the 2008 Republican National Convention

Minneapolis -- Journalist Amy Goodman arrested

Minneapolis -- 'Flower Girl' gets pepper sprayed in the face! At The RNC 2008 St.Paul, MN

Rememeber, the above is just a quick sample of the many videos of many incidents. If interested, search online and you'll find much more.

Also remember, the US military just recently, under Commander-in-Chief Obama, defined all political protests as 'terrorist' activities.

And of course, here in the US its hilarious watching media outlets that either never cover or seriously understate anti-war and other political protests, now turn around and lead broadcast after broadcast with the very latest from the streets of Tehran.

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