Thursday, May 7, 2009

More war, from the folks who brought you the last war ... the NY Times.

A Full-Court Press for Pakistan War by Chris Floyd at Counterpunch.

Follow the link to read the excellent article about the current propaganda wave being foisted upon the American people to justify yet more war ... this time in Pakistan.

Here's what struck me. The article quotes a NY Times article from an anonymous source inside the Taliban. The really strange part is that they refer to this anonymous person, who just happens to be saying everything Obama and the war-mongers want to hear, as a "Pakistani logistics tactician". What the heck is a 'logistics tactician'?

In military jargon, 'logistics' means supplies. The people involved in logistics are the people who make sure the soldiers have food, water, toilet paper, ammo etc. Translate it to 'supply sergeant' or 'supply officer', and you would be close.

In military jargon, a 'tactician' is the commander making combat decisions on a small scale in battles. If you watch old war movies, when the character says 'Joe, take three men and go around on the flank and hit them from over there', that's a tactician. Usually its a lower ranking officer like a lieutenant or a captain, or it could be an experienced sergeant leading his troops.

These seem to be two very different roles. The guy who brings toilet paper up to the troops at the front, and the guy who leads the troops at the front at the lowest levels of a battle. So, what the heck is a 'logistics tactician'? Does he send bowls of rice around the right flank to have the rice attack the enemy from over there?

Just in case there was some new military jargon I wasn't aware of, I typed "logistics tactician" into google. Every hit on the first two pages of results referred to this NY Times story. As near as I can tell, the NY Times is just making this up, and created this mumbo-jumbo, fancy sounding title for their anonymous source. Of course, if the job title for the anonymous source is something the NY Times has obviously just made up, then one has to wonder if they whole anonymous source was made up as well.

Remember, in the lead up to the Iraq War, the NY Times used the same sort of stories based on anonymous sources to pump up the war. We later learned that most of this came from Judy Miller sitting talking to Dick Cheney's staff.

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