Thursday, May 7, 2009

IAEA detects highly enriched uranium ... in Egypt

High-enriched uranium traces found in Egypt: IAEA by Reuters

The key to this story is to notice how the IAEA detected this.

The report, which described global IAEA work in 2008 to verify compliance with non-proliferation rules, said the highly enriched uranium (HEU) traces turned up in environmental swipe samples taken at the Inshas nuclear research site in 2007-08.

The HEU was discovered alongside particles of low-enriched uranium (LEU), the type used for nuclear power plant fuel.

The IAEA took 'environmental swipe samples' during an inspection, and analysis of those turned up the presence of highly enriched uranium. The Egyptians say that they believe it came from "contaminated radio-isotope transport containers"

Now, think a bit about Iran. IAEA inspectors there have never detected highly-enriched uranium in Iran. The war-mongers constantly tell us that Iran has a nuclear bomb program despite this. From this article, we know how hard it would be to hide such work. The IAEA inspectors, through simple little swipe samples, are able to detect the presence of highly enriched uranium. Their tests can pick up and identify traces of this, even if it is in minute quantities from contanimated transport containers.

Yet, the war-mongers would want us to believe that Iran can be producing the many pounds of the same HEU that would be needed for nuclear weapons without these same inspectors using the same tests detecting even a whiff of it.

Yeah, right. Just remember, the same war-mongers and the same media outlets were telling you that Iraq had nuclear weapons as well.

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