Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Mad Men did well

The Mad Men did well by John Pilger via SocialistWorker.

One of those brilliant John Pilger pieces where if I start quoting it, I'll quote the whole dang thing. Or else fear I've left off something important. Highly recommended that you click the link and go read the whole thing.

It is not surprising that the polls are showing that a growing number of Americans believe they have been suckered--especially as the nation's economy has been entrusted to the same fraudsters who destroyed it. Lawrence Summers, Obama's principal economic adviser, is throwing $3 trillion at the same banks that paid him more than $8 million last year, including $135,000 for one speech. Change you can believe in.

To me, the question of the day is what is the left going to do with all of these 'growing number of Americans' who 'believe they have been suckered'. What Brand Obama showed us all to clearly is that these people desperately want change. All they had to do was to bundle up a young politician and have him say the words 'Change' and 'Hope' repetitively, and the people flocked to him.

They didn't flock to Obama because he'd been the leader of a movement for a generation and had thus earned people's trust. They flocked to him because they desperately want change and any bit of hope they can cling to.

So, what's the left going to do? The stage has been set. The people are desperate for hope and change. The people feel suckered that they haven't gotten it from Obama like they feel they were promised. So what's the left going to do?

The right knows this is a very dangerous time for them. Their flagship brand has been discredited so badly that the opportunists like Spectre who joined the party to obtain power are now leaving the party to retain power. Their flagship Republican brand would have a hard time getting elected as dog-catcher right now. And growing numbers of Americans are feeling suckered by Obama and the Democrats who are playing their role of stand-in replacements for the Republicans.

The stage is set for the American people to embrace a real alternative and real change. Of course, great effort will go into making sure this doesn't happen. The airwaves are full of cries of socialism at the most modest corporate-friendly reforms. Not so much to argue against those reforms, which will gladly be accepted if it limits the damage. No, those cries are part of the bigger picture to stave off any real change from the people.

Meanwhile, we see troops being deployed home and assigned to NorthCom. We see Brand Obama telling us that its vital to spy on the American people like never before. We see the Department of Fatherland Security churning out report after report defining anyone who isn't in on the scam as a dangerous 'extremist'. Their reports focus on groups that try to organize citizen opposition to corrupt government.

All of that should not scare us. Instead, it should be taken as a sign of the tremendous opportunity that is presenting itself. The people yearn for change. Only the left can provide that change, as all others only provide phony covers for more of the same. If there was ever a moment of for the left to be energetic, for the left to be unified, for the left to be working hard to claim back some of our constitutional freedoms, some of our economic freedoms, some of our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, then this is the time.

What's the left going to do? What's the left doing in your area? Who's out and active? Who's timid and doing nothing? Who are supporting Obama just because he's not a Republican, and who's out really working and trying to seize the day? And if no one else is in your area, grab a friend and try to begin.


Anonymous said...

You know it only took one small child to have the nerve to say that the Empeor has no clothes?and only two reporters to take down a president?Well it will happen and then OBAMA"S can see the hand writting on the walls?that Even "IF"he was borned in Hawaii he lost his chance for Naturalize citizenship when his mother remarried and he went to school in Indoniesa,where he himself says he went straight to school there?Since he was a minor he couldn't say if he wanted to go to school or not,his mother and step father decided and arranged his admittance by filing the paper work that he was a "INDONESIAN" citizen.By him not living in the USA for (10)years and (5) of which must be after the age of (16)years of age. he gave up his chance of being a usa citizen when "his parent filled out the papers intitleing him to go to school there.His records further shows that he had obtained a "INDONSEIAN PASSPORT"when he was (20) years of age.To travel to "PAKISTAN"So the fact are this,Even if he had been borned in Hawaii like he claims,he still wouldn't be a naturalized citizen of the USA?He a dual citizen from,Kenyan/British/INDONESIAN Citizenship?Theses are the facts and they will be brought out when all the people have the nerve to really find out about his true colors?and then its just a matter of do we the people follow the Contutition or do we just sit back and let this "USURPER" destroy what I and others have sworn to defend?Sign the petition to "Force Obama to show us what he is hiding?

Samson said...

Sometimes I wish people would do some research. Everything that I see says Mr. Obama was born to a mother who was a US citizen in a place that was a state (Hawaii) at the time.

Where someone goes to school doesn't have any impact on citizenship as near as I can tell.

Furthermore, there is such a concept as dual citizenship. Someone might well have a passport from another country, and that in no way means they gave up US citizenship.

And all of it is kinda deep in the "I don't care" field anyway. I'm much more concerned that Mr. Obama seems to act like he's a citizen of Wall Street and doesn't represent the rest of us.

KDelphi said...

Thanks, samson