Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama doesn't want Iran attack "before they are ready to have that actually happen."

Obama Team Debates Stance on Israeli Attack Threat by Gareth Porter and Jim Lobe of Inter Press Service via

Both Gary Samore, the new White House coordinator on weapons of mass destruction, and Ashton Carter, now under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, expressed support for a diplomatic strategy of exploiting the Israeli military threat to Iran at a forum at Harvard University’s Kennedy School last September.

Referring to negotiating with Iran on the nuclear issue, Samore said, "My view is that, unless it’s backed up by a very strong bashing alternative, it probably won’t be successful."

Samore called the threat of such an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites "a good diplomatic instrument" for the United States. Carter, who is also a non-proliferation specialist, referred to making the Iranians "wonder whether the Israelis are going to do something" as "not an unreasonable game to play."

But Samore also acknowledged that such a strategy could be dangerous. "[W]e have to be careful when we use that instrument," he said, "that the Israelis don’t see that as a green light to go ahead and strike… before we’re ready to have that actually happen."

Take very careful note of that last sentence ... "before we’re ready to have that actually happen." It reveals that all of the talk of 'diplomacy' is a smoke screen. Just like with Bush. Oh, the smoke is of a different color and smell from Bush's smoke. Obama's smoke doesn't seem quite so irritating to those on the left as Bush's smoke. But its all still just smoke.

Obama and the Democrats support a military attack on Iranian nuclear sites. There only concern is that it happens when they are 'ready to have that actually happen'.

That's the Democrats idea of an 'anti-war' candidate. Remember, Obama was the alternative the Democrats gave to voters as opposed to Hillary's call to 'obliterate' Iran back in the primaries.

An attack on Iran would start a war. The militarists fantasize about the Iranian people supporting us after such an attack. That would literally be the same thing as thinking the American people would long to return to the King of England after he burned Washington in the War of 1812. It is roughly the same amount of years since the revolution in each case.

An attack on Iran's nuclear sites would spread radioactive contamination around the bombed site. Some of these sites are in populated areas. Most of the Muslim world already knows we poison people with radioactivity using our depleted uranium weapons. This would only inflame these passions. And don't think the rest of the world won't still blame us even if the planes have Israeli markings and are flown by Israeli pilots.

Remember, there is no proof that Iran is trying to build a bomb. There is no proof that they have ever enriched fuel beyond reactor-grade levels. Anyone sensible is saying that it is years before Iran could have a bomb.

Yet, we have a Democratic administration that wants an attack on Iran, with the only condition that it occurs when they "are ready to have that actually happen."

This is the Democrats idea of an 'anti-war' candidate. This is the Democrats idea of 'peace'. And people wonder why I'm not a Democrat?

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