Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Afghanistan Was Never the “Good War”

Afghanistan Was Never the “Good War” by Bill Fletcher Jr, Blackcommentator.com via World Can't Wait.

Sometimes I feel like I am reliving the era of President Lyndon B. Johnson. The era of 'guns and butter,' as they called it. At the same time that Johnson was launching his 'War on Poverty' he was escalating the US war against the people of Vietnam and Laos, as well as carrying out the
criminal invasion of the Dominican Republic (1965). Not only did these interventions (and others!) isolate the USA and set back the efforts of these various countries at self- determination, but they wrecked the US economy, siphoning off badly needed resources.

And, the one point he never quite touches in this article ..... Why on earth are we fighting in Afghanistan? What in Afghanistan is worth having human beings die? At least in Iraq, I could sorta understand the sort of evil, 'today-we-conquer-the-world', James Bond villan sort of thinking that said it was worth killing hundreds of thousands of people by attacking Iraq to gain control of the oil. But, Afghanistan?

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