Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is this a joke?

Saudis Report Plot To Assassinate Obama from CBS News.

The man, who was carrying an Al-Jazeera TV ID card in the name of M.G., confessed after his arrest that he was planning on stabbing the U.S. president with a knife during the Alliance of Civilizations summit held in Istanbul, adding that he had three other accomplices to help him execute his plan.

He was going to "stab" Obama? Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen the security detail that surrounds a President? No one with 'journalist' credentials would ever even get close enough to try to stab a President. Ever see those four or five guys who are built like football players, who wear nice looking suits, but who's eyes never leave the crowd and who always stand next to the President? And of course, anyone getting into the same room with the President goes through at least a metal detector. And we are supposed to believe that there was a serious plot to 'stab' Obama? Give me a break.

Whole thing sounds like a 'wag-the-dog' type of media story to me (go rent that 1990's movie if you haven't seen it lately). Especially the part about the Al-Jazeera credentials. Note if you read the article, the people at Al-Jazeera strongly deny that they'd ever seen this guy before. Hmmm, who are the relatively small group of countries that hate Al-Jazeera and try constantly to discredit Al-Jazeera?

Oh, note also the line about how the purported assassin "confessed after his arrest" to Turkish police. Was that after the 5th electric shock or the 10th electric shock?

And, note the fine print in the article that says the man never actually even got to a venue where Obama was going to be present. It doesn't say where he was arrested, or how the police learned about his 'plot'.

Whole story stinks to high heaven to me. And it says a lot about the American corporate media that the editors at CBS are spreading it around like its a serious story. I'd have thought any honest editor would have just fallen over laughing when they first saw this ... and never would have run the story.

There's good reason why I block all the American news networks from my TV set, and why I don't ever watch the 'network news'. This story is a wonderful example. Its just garbage, and it seems to be designed to inflame passions.

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