Sunday, December 7, 2008

Police: NY hotels vulnerable to Mumbai-type attack

Police: NY hotels vulnerable to Mumbai-type attack on

Get ready for a new wave of police state actions.

The attacks, Kelly added, also "represent a shift in tactics toward low-tech weaponry and a coordinated effort by a small group of men."

You can spot the propaganda aimed at promoting a police state by the sheer nonsense of it. For instance, 9-11 was carried out by fewer attackers than apparently hit Mumbai, and their weaponry consisted of box-cutters. Mumbai was actually an attack by the same size or larger group of attackers using higher-tech weaponry like machine guns and explosives.

The NYPD officials advised the hotels to train their staffs to be on the lookout for anyone loitering in lobbies or guest floors. They also recommended being suspicious of guests booking unusually long stays — a sign someone may be using a room as a staging area for conducting extensive surveillance or storing weapons.

Gee, I was just getting new floors put in the house, and thus spent two weeks living in hotels while this work was done. I guess that would make me a suspicious possible terrorist now.

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