Saturday, December 13, 2008


Is CommonDreams acting funny to everyone else?

Today's list of articles, that I can't seem to get access to ... yet, look pretty funny.

The one that really gets me is the one at the top where they attack the Republicans for killing the big giveaway of our tax money to the big Detroit autocompanies. Why is this funny? Because the Democrats and the Republicans have been right their together in creating that situation. Then as always, the two partners try to find ways to blame each other.

In the world of today, the union workers for the big auto companies are very much overpaid. Don't ge me wrong, I think working people should be paid well, and I wish the world should support these sorts of salaries. Even an old fascist like Henry Ford used to be able to realize that it was better for him if workers could afford his cars. But that's not today's world. And its the Democrats who largely created the world where these workers are now overpaid.

It was the Democrats who passed NAFTA and WTO. It was these 'trade agreements' that opened up lower paid labor sources to big corporations. Its the entire policy of 'free trade' that says we can't put tarrifs on imports to protect our own industries and workers, and the Democrats have fully supported and pushed 'free trade' for close to two decades now.

And, the one thing the government could really do to help big American industries like this would be to pass a single-payer, national health insurance plan. Since almost all other industrialized countries have this, that means its only in the case of American workers do corporations have to bear the high cost of health care. A single payer health care plan would quickly take a lot of expenses for employee health care and retiree health care off the books of these auto companies.

But, the insurance companies have apparently out-bid industrial America in bribing the Democrats, so single-payer health care is 'off the table' with the Democrats.

Maybe we should start calling the Democrats the 'tiny table party', because there sure isn't much room on that 'table' of theirs.

But hey, if you aren't blocked by the CD censors, you can go over to CD and read all about how this is all the Republicans fault.


Lyle said...

Makes sense though Samson that if you want a jobs programme "a la Roosevelt" upgrading the infrastructure and bailing out the car co's has to be the way to go. More roads more cars more pollution. Way to go!

Lyle said...

Got to protect the workers right to a secret ballot. Since when has that been a Republican's mantra? 1984?

Lyle said...

Single payer system is Socialistic. Can't have that. The bourgeoisie are those in real need right now.

KDelphi said...

I dont give a gd about the Big 3--but I live in a GM/Delphi town--I guess it is inevitable, but, if they all get laid off--Dayton, OH is f*cked!! Well, it already is...

Yes, health care is about 1/3 of the laborers' wages. Cutting off older retired people, as long as the duopoly refuses to consider single payer, would be cruel. But, I guess theyre gonna do that anyway.

Everyone keeps saying that the "JAPAnese" cos are "profitable"--yeah in Alabama! Plus, the CEOs salaries are capped , $1 million, I think...\\

I killed my keyboard, and I am getting used to this one...In the Dayton City paper today, some guy wrote in that he felt "bad for Obama that the Unions were a ball and chain to him" and they were "just sending hin a bill"---well, wtf didnt Obama run as a GOP?! That is what he is , isnt he??

Anyway, I noticed, that anonymous doesnt work--it says, "Hello World"--gawd thems guys is clever!There are always other ways. And, blowhard Moore has his own website...he kept emaiing me for more money...yeah, the GOP sucks,,,so does DLC..

LittleBrother said...

Regardless of the issue, the conjoined twin parties in a duopoly must constantly practice scapegoating by deploring the splinter in the Other's eye while ignoring the two-by-four lodged in one's own eye.

CD is merely doing its part to manufacture consent within the stranglehold of the duopoly.

But, speaking of CD, it is truly impossible to fathom the parameters of their censorship. Thanks to, I have accessed CD using a new nym, and have posted a few comments under the new alias without getting banned-- so far.

The post-election mass bannings seemed to be directed against those who remained critical and caustic towards Obama and his uniformly horrendous staffing choices.

Obama's rationalization supporting the necessity of maintaining "continuity" in These Troubled Times in order to reassure the restive masses can be reduced to an Orwellian slogan: Change Is Sameness.

But in recent weeks, CD has allowed both articles criticizing or at least questioning Obama, and has not banned comments explicitly denouncing the president-elect and the statements and positions taken by him and his spokespersons.

I expected that the "purpose", if there was one, of the purge was to clear out the "weeds" of dissent and "negativity" to make more room for Probama wildflowers like madcow, High Karate, and new useful idiots like the lizard-brained imbecile "Joe Hope", a new incarnation of the Daniel David DPA/BOA.

It makes one wonder whether the CD banning was not so much based on ideology after all, but was a simpler matter of, say, harshly filtering out uncouth language, including profanity, so-called "personal attacks", or radical skepticism expressed passionately.

Let me hastily add that, regardless of the true reasons for the censorship, the fact of the censorship, and Craig "Heckuva Job" Brownie's unilateral and non-interactive authoritarian methods in implementing the censorship, remains heinous and inexcusable in any site even nominally representing itself as a source or resource for political dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

Just for the sheer randy hell of it, I'll probably publish the still-unanswered letter I sent Brown on November 15th-- I knew that there was exactly zero chance he'd deign to respond, but I figured I'd give him at least a month before sharing the contents, such as they are.

Anyway, although the brutal and heinous censorship of CD comments have indeed diminished both the quality and quantity of the comments, I can't quite figure out what that asshole control-freak Brown thinks he's doing, or wants to do, with that site.

Whatever it is, he'd better hope that his downsized and unacceptably censored comments appeal to a more generous class of smarms and scolds-- 'cause he ain't gettin' another nickel from me.

Anonymous said...


I found an idea on the net some commenters on blogs said. Let's restart our local businesses and let the young men and women who are interested in building cars set up their local businesses and make it easier for the community to interact with them. Even Henry Ford started out small until his company made it all the way. I'll admit that twice, people who tried to set up their local auto manufacturing businesses of their own have faced jail time for "copyright infringement" but as the Big 3 collapse, we the people may have our chance. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

"It makes one wonder whether the CD banning was not so much based on ideology after all, but was a simpler matter of, say, harshly filtering out uncouth language, including profanity, so-called "personal attacks", or radical skepticism expressed passionately." - LittleBrother

The profanity is still going on there though I agree it's not as intense as it used to be. Unfortunately, debating there is more sterile than it used to be. I'm sure that after a while of losing funding, CD will be forced to give up its banning practises or risk shutting down their site.

KDelphi said...

I am really serious, guys, and, I also agree--dont post how you are getting onto CD--I am not. It is ridiculous, but, they seem to have a pretty "long reach"--I think it is called money!

Tried anonymouse lately? "Hello World". That is what you get. Samson tried to warn me about it--I am not being "bitchy"--I want people to be able to get in there and see what is going on, make comments. They will do whatever to stop you...unless they have
"changed" (sorry) more than I have seen...

BTW--what do you guys think of the article by Kucinich on truth dig?

be back...

Nebraska Nathan said...


I admire the idea of people standing up and doing what they can to set up their own businesses even when they're confronting by bullies within the industry. I don't know that we Nebraskans can do much on auto manufacturing but I would gladly welcome trying out autos based on various ideas from different localities any day.

KDelphi, I tried the anonymouse site and it is working out just fine. Of course I don't use it especially since my access has been returned.

Nebraska Nathan said...

On Dennis Kucinich and TD, you people out there need to fight for more pols just like Dennis Kucinich on local and state levels otherwise Kucinich will continue to remain an irrelevant minority. I would be interested in getting answers from people in this forum as to how their local election voter turnout is. Mine is horrible at 4% !