Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outgoing US Intel Official: Iran Has Not Restarted Nuke Program

Outgoing US Intel Official: Iran Has Not Restarted Nuke Program on

Speaking to a small group of reporters Dr. Thomas Fingar, the outgoing chairman of the National Intelligence Council, defended the reports findings, adding that he believes Iran has not diverted any of the low-enriched uranium for its soon-to-be-completed nuclear power plant to weapons use. The IAEA has repeatedly certified the same, but officials still portray Iran’s civilian enrichment program as dangerous.

Dr. Fingar says he still stands behind the report, and believes that Iran has not made any decision to pursue nuclear weapons, in spite of President-elect Obama’s claims to the contrary and reports that the Israeli military is preparing to attack Iran, ostensibly to halt the program.

There seem to be more articles on that are 'blog' style. Which means you have to dig down a second level by following links to get to the original article. In this case, it seems to be this article in the right-wing Washington Times.

Just got to remember this when Obama and the other Republicans are bleating on about how we have to be willing to attack Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program. They don't have one.

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Samson said...

The comments on the right-wing Washington Times site are funny. Here's a man who's a "38 year veteran of the intelligence community", and since he's saying something that they don't want to hear, he's attacked as some sort of left-wing liberal.

Yeah, I'm sure that's why the article says that he's going to be lecturing at Stanford, that famous left-wing institution (not!) after he leaves the government work.

Its funny to watch. If there's something they don't want to hear, they shout 'left-wing liberal' so loudly they don't have to hear it.

I'm sure there was someone in 15th century Spain when Colombus came back who was shouting 'demon' and 'possessed' at him when they didn't want to hear the world wasn't flat.