Sunday, September 1, 2013

A letter to Congress

Since our Great Leader has decided  to allow our nation a slim glimmer of the democracy seen in our former motherland which denied us representation, I felt it was time to actually write my Congress-critter.  Since my general impression of Congress is that they don't listen to anyone who's not giving them a five figure (or more) check, I generally resist the temptation to send them my views.  But, since this is important, and since numbers matter, I hope the following is just one note in a massive flood of messages they are receiving.  Even if the only response it gets in my Congress-critters office is to say "add yet another one to the vote no pile", then at least that's something.

Dear Rep DeGette (D-Co-1st)

Please vote against any authorization to use military force in Syria.  The reports on alleged use of sarin gas by Syrian government forces are so unsubstantiated as to be laughable.  Especially when produced by a government that has a track record of being so wrong so often that it  is either an obvious liar or the so-called intelligence community is the biggest over-funded boondoggle of all time.

And, even if by some weird stroke of luck they happened to actually not be lying this time, then it still doesn't matter as its no threat to America. I don't really care whether Al-Qaida gasses Assad or if Assad gasses Al-Qaida.  And it certainly isn't worth spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to stop.  If nothing else, we can't afford it .

Why is it that whenever we talk about health care or social services or payroll tax holidays we are told that the deficit is a major problem that  must be addressed, but when someone wants to go start a useless and needless war on the other side of the world, then suddenly money is no issue?  Surely its clear to anyone with a brain, and presumably even to Congresspeople, that we simply can't afford this.  Don' t you dare come back pushing more austerity measures to make the bankers happy about the deficit  if  you start this war.  

Please vote No on any attack on Syria.  And if none of the reasons above don't convince you,  then picture  the killed and maimed innocent people, including women and children, that are an absolute certainty if this attack is authorized.  Do you want that blood on your hands and conscience?  Please vote No.

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