Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day

If you are celebrating Independence Day, then you are a lover and supporter of America.  If you are celebrating "the fourth of July", you are a lover and supporter of calendars.

Do you notice how much effort goes into changing the name of the holiday?  Corporate ads are of course a main culprit.  Come celebrate the Fourth of July by going to visit a used car dealer.  Corporate media and 'news' adds in their own degree of this.  Why do they constantly say "Fourth of July" instead of 'Independence Day?

Think about how O'Reilly and Faux Fascist would object if we all took to calling Christmas "the Twenty-Fifth of December" instead.  They'd scream about how we are taking the Christ out of Christmas, and turning a sacred religious holiday into just a day of materialism and consumption.  So, what are the taking out of the Fourth of July?.

To be truly American, go give a King the finger, tell him to stuff himself, tear down his statues and fight his soldiers that come for you when the King wants to call you a traitor for doing the above.  That's America.  That's who our founding fathers were and what they did.  They were officially Traitors, and proud of it.  We celebrate the Independence Day on the fourth day of July in honor of the day they told a King to go stuff himself.

Be a proud American.  Happy Independence Day! Celebrate that we are a nation of Traitors, and proud of it.

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