Wednesday, March 28, 2012

War Crimes In Progress

SOS From Emergency in Afghanistan

For several days the NATO war lords in Afghanistan have been heavily bombing the village of Mirbandao in the Helmand province of the south of Afghanistan. The Italian medical aid and anti war group called Emergency has a hospital for war casualties located in the Helmand province along with three locations for first aid and first response care. The hospital is in Lashkar-gah.

Neither the hospital nor the first location closest to the bombardment in Grishk have received any injured casualties. The Emergency staff have been informed by the local population that the area is completely surrounded and military checkpoints are stopping injured people and civilians from getting away from the combat zone.

All of this constitutes a violation of International Human Rights beyond representing an offense to our civil conscience. Emergency is asking with utmost urgency that a humanitarian corridor is opened and a guarantee of the evacuation of civilians and transfer of injured.

The above is translated directly from the SOS sent out by Emergency staff from Afghanistan to Italy and to the world.

You know the American Wall Street media would not report to you on such a crime. Certainly not while its happening. Their reporters are embedded with the US military, and only report what they are allowed to see and report. The other source of information for the Wall Street media (CNN, FAUX, MSNBC, network news, monopoly newspapers etc) is official military press conferences.

So, if there were horrible war crimes being committed in Afghanistan, especially if they were out away from the capital of Kabul, how would you know about it? Most likely from the desperate cries of an aid group that's trying to help the victims. I don't know a thing about an Italian group called Emergency, and the above translation of their call for help and attention is frustratingly short on details.

However, what they ask for it basic human rights. What they ask for is something that would happen regularly back when war was less barbaric and had some basic rules. In years gone by, only the most horrible of barbarians would refuse to let civilians flee a castle or city they were besieging. Especially injured civilians seeking medical aid. Santa Anna at the Alamo allowed what the American and NATO generals apparently will not allow.

But, here's the main question you should ask about your life and what you really know. If war crimes such as these were being committed in your name right now in Afhganistan, how else would you hear about it?

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