Friday, March 30, 2012

Say What?

Israel Shields Public from Risks of War with Iran byGareth Porter

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been telling Israelis that Israel can attack Iran with minimal civilian Israeli casualties as a result of retaliation, and that reassuring message appears to have headed off any widespread Israeli fear of war with Iran and other adversaries.

Does anyone see the contradiction here? On one hand, we are told that Israel must attack Iran because Iran poses an "existential" threat to Israel's very existence. Then we are told that Iran is too weak to retaliate against Israel should Israel attack Iran.

Do you maybe get the sense you are being lied to? That perhaps some blood-thirsty leaders who want a war are just saying whatever they want to say. That when hyping the war they are talking about what a horrible threat Iran is to the very existence of Israel. But that when trying to reassure and convince their own people that this war must be fought that they then turn around and reassure them that Iran is to weak to threaten them.

Of course, the fact that the same power structure and media system completely lied to you about the war with Iraq when it was being pushed and promoted is another sign that perhaps you are being lied to now. Remember back when Iraq was this horrible threat pursuing horrible weapons of mass destruction and that we had to attack today, that tommorrow would be too late, or else we'd see mushroom clouds over American cities?

Today we are told the same about Iran.

Remember back when we were told the Iraq war would be a cakewalk? Remember when we were told that the Iraqis would stand by the road and wave little American flags as we marched into their country.

Today we are told the same about Iran. Today we are told it will be a surgically clean war with Iran, with just some wonderful air strikes hitting targets. And we are told how this will cause the Iranian people to rise up and overthrow their government then they'll love us for bombing their country.

Don't get fooled again. These people are obviously liars. They start with the lie that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. They push this lie even though the IAEA, US intelligence and most of the rest of the world's intelligence agencies all agree that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.

You are being lied to.

You should not vote for any politician that lies to you.
You should not watch, listen or read to any media that lies to you.

Simple things like that can change the world and stop yet another war.

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