Friday, September 9, 2011

Would You Like Some Radiation With Your Water?

A matter of risk: Radiation, drinking water and deception by KHOU in Houston, TX.

An excerpt: "For the past year the KHOU 11 News I-Team has been investigating the quality of the tap water in Texas. What they found was surprising: That many of the states' communities have a real problem with radioactive contamination in their local drinking water. However, the team also discovered that many of those consuming it didn't know they were also being exposed to a health risk." A 5-part, one-hour special by KHOU 11 News' Investigative Reporter Mark Greenblatt:

Part 1 - Central Texas: Water So Contaminated It Makes Plumbing Radioactive
Part 2 - Texas Officials Hid Amount of Radiation in Public's Water
Part 3 - Houston: Water Under the Federal Radiation Limit, But Still A Risk
Part 4 - The U.S. EPA: What It isn't Telling You About Radiation In Your Water
Part 5 - Changes and Reactions: How Citizens and Local Government Responded to Our Reporting

Follow the link above to find links to all five parts of this important reporting. Part One is embedded below.

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