Thursday, September 8, 2011

Facebook Jobs Poll

When I go to Facebook, I see a 'sponsered poll' asking about whether people "Do you think President Obama has a plan to create jobs and get our economy moving again?" Its not the poll that I find interesting, but the breakdown of responses and what it shows about the electorate.

28% Yes
60% No
12% Don't really know why I bothered answering this poll since I don't have an opinion.

To me, that tells me that there's 28% of the populace that are still Obama-bots and who blindly support him no matter what. I mean, its obvious that Obama doesn't have a plan to create jobs that he's willing to propose. After all, the man's been President for three years. If he had a secret plan to create jobs, I'm pretty sure he'd have let us know about it by now.

Or, perhaps more accurately, if Obama had a secret plan to create jobs that could still pass muster with his banker backers who funded his last campaign and whom Obama is undoubtedly dialing for dollars every day now to fund his next campaign. Its not that no one can come up with a plan to create jobs. Heck, as far back as FDR, people knew how to do that.

Nope, if Obama is following Herbert Hoover's economic recovery plan of giving all the money to the bankers and then hoping that this maybe accidently creates a job or two, but not two many because we don't want those pesky workers thinking they can ask for a raise, its not because no one there can figure out what FDR figured out about creating jobs. Its just that Obama is there for the bankers who put him there, not for people searching for jobs. The only reason they are talking about 'jobs' now after three years of giving all the money to the bankers is because an election is coming and they need to fool the people yet again.

And, Obama and the Democrats are down to the hard-core 28% who would believe them if they said the sun set in the east and that its a Republican plot to convince everyone that it really sets in the west who still support them.

My basic mental model of American politics is that each party has a base of roughly 40% who will support them in an election. Even if the party puts a truly awful candidate forward, like Mondale or Dole, they'll still get a minimum of about 40% of the vote.

What that 28% tells me is that about a quarter of the people who will normally vote Democrat no matter what are to the point where they believe Obama is a liar, and that Obama has no interest in helping out someone like them. 3/4's of the Democrat base are still drinking the kool-aid, but about a 1/4 has given up on Obama. And of course the 40% who will vote Republican and pretty much the full 20% of various independents who sit in the middle have all correctly figured out that Obama isn't going to do a thing about jobs. Not really.

The part I can't figure out at all is why the left is so silent and useless in this situation. This should be a banner year for people wanting to organize to the left of Reagan/Bush/Obama both within the Democrat party and outside of it. Yet, there's no primary challenge to Obama within the Democrats. There's very little noise about any of these pro-war, pro-corporate Democratic congresspeople being challenged in their primaries. And there doesn't seem to be any decent campaigns springing to life to the left of the Hoover-Obama Democrats, with the Green Party doing its best impersonation of a dead parrot nailed to a perch.

This should be the happy-hunting ground for political campaigns that are to the left of the Reagan/Bush/Obama crew. A quarter of Obama's base have given up on him, along with all the independents. Yet, the left is silent apparently willing to sit back and let Ron Paul, the Tea Party and others on the right try to organize in this season of great discontent.

I continue to think that the political left in this country likes to lose, and always chooses the path and the strategy that most guarantees that they are going to lose. The fact that the left is apparently sitting out the most fertile political climate they've seen in 20 years is only the latest dot to connect in that chain.


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