Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who's in Charge Here?

Netanyahu's real message to Congress: There will be no peace talks from Christian Science Monitor

I saw some of Netanyahu's speech to the joint session of Congress.  There was one thing that was obvious.

When the President speaks to Congress, only half the Congress stands and applauds.
When the Prime Minister of Israel speaks to Congress, the entire Congress stands and applauds.

If it seems our government pays more attention to the interests of Israel than the interests of Americans, then its our own damn fault.  We've made two mistakes.  The first was that we let our elections be driven and controlled by money.  We've allowed money such access to our democratic processes that it now seems to dominate all else.  The second mistake is that we've gone to the polls and consistently voted for candidates that take money from Israel's backers and who openly say that they strongly support the interests of Israel.

We elected these fools.

We get a chance to change this every two years.  Here's two things to look for. Look for candidates that strongly support campaign finance reform, and especially public financing of elections.  And, don't vote for candidates that take money from pro-Israel PACs and who openly support Israel. Hint, the people applauding Netanyahu fail both tests.

This speech was a call for war.  It said peace can only be had on Israel's terms.  Israel does not recognize the right of an independent Palestinian state to exist.  Israel does not recognize the right of Palestinians to defend themselves.  Israel has long laid down these markers as pre-conditions to any peace talks.  Israel has always insisted that their state be recognized and that their need to defend themselves be recognized.  Surely its obvious that if they won't do the same, there can not be peace.

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