Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day

The name of the holiday is "Independence Day"

Its not, "the Fourth of July".  Yet, that's what's blasted at each of us out of the corporate media boxes.  Everything says 'Fourth of July".  You very rarely see "Independence Day."

Is there something that they want us to forget?

How would Bill O'Reily and friends react if someone tried to take the "Christ" out of "Christmas" by just calling the holiday "the Twenty-Fifth of December"?

This holiday celebrates all that was and is great about America.  It celebrates that once in this land there were people willing to stand up to governments, armies and corporations and declare their INDEPENDENCE!  It celebrates that they were willing to fight for years to win it. 

And it should serve as a reminder that we are a free people in a free land.

Why do they want us to forget this?

Call the holiday by its proper name ....  "INDEPENDENCE DAY!"

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