Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kinsey for Senate

In Colorado, we are lucky to have a voice for peace and real change on the ballot for US Senator ... Bob Kinsey.

This is Bob speaking at the Hands Across the Sands event in Denver on June 26.

If you live in Colorado, support Bob. Visit his website at

If you don't live in Colorado, find out who's on your ballot. Since we will only win with grassroots power, you can't wait until election day. You have to get involved now if you want real change.


Jennifer Bedingfield said...

Thanks Samson but I live in MO. However, like your state, I have a Green Party candidate for Senator, Midge Potts. Win or lose, I will continue to vote with my heart and mind. I wished the majority of the voters would learn to be like you and me.

Samson said...


If anyone else from Missouri wanders this way, Midge Potts' website is at ....

Its easy to spread the word. The video I posted isn't fancy. And it was shot with a cheap SD handycam, and edited on the free MovieMaker software that comes with Windows.

So, its very easy to help get the word out about our candidates.

Good luck over in Missouri. Maybe we'll have a Green caucus in the Senate next year with Kinsey and Potts.

Wouldn't that be something? If next year on a key vote they were having to come to us Green's to beg for our votes? :)

Samson said...

PS ... I love the campaign slogan .... "LEGALIZE POTTS!"

Jennifer Bedingfield said...

Thanks Samson and my apologies for forgetting to put up the website. Yes, legalizing pot would help us in so many ways. It could even take care of a great deal of this health care mess even with Barry care in the way.

I tell you Samson, it doesn't matter who wins. Well, it does but I hope you get what I am saying. What matters is that more people are eventually convinced into voting from their hearts and minds instead of voting based on corporate media polling and celebrity crap. Being picture perfect isn't everything. The last election in 2008 was very depressing. Nader or Mckinney not winning wasn't even it. What turned out to be very depressing and frustrating was that they were marginalized almost completely and people allowed themselves to be lied to about "change" and "hope" by shamelessly going for Mccain and Obama. Those of us who tried to warn were persecuted as well. After that, I was able to get one of my relatives to see what he has been missing after he let me introduce him to Alternet and CD. My uncle goes by the handle Stanley1979 on both sites and he has undergone a lot of changes in thinking. While my conservative parents and their friends plan on voting for Blunt along with my liberal others voting for Carnahan, he plans on also voting for Potts after gaining a lot of deep understanding and thinking on us progressives at heart on both CD and Alternet. He still has a lot to learn and he will make no bones about feeling bad about mistakenly clinging to the Democratic Party since after 1980 when he voted for John Anderson but at least he will listen to us and also try to get others in his area to listen as well. I don't feel good about this year's election either but I will still continue to vote my conscience regardless.

P.S.: Good luck in CO as well. Both of our states are filled with crack pot social conservatives and party apologists. Most people on CD admire Potts and others running progressive independent although one of them complained about Potts being "unwinnable" just because of her take on "abortion" to which I challenged him on who exactly is "pro-life" anyway (

By the way, I met another great guy from CO on Alternet. He goes by the name James108 and he reminds me of you a lot.

I still think that you should come back to CD. Most everyone has returned and even Thomas More gets to change his name rather frequently despite getting kicked out so often. He's a nice guy but irritates me when he bashes Mexican immigrants and trashes Europe.

Rashidajones said...

It's really easy to move here. He is a wonderful man and cares about people and the world. I learned alot from him as a teenager to use in my life... Thanks for your update.