Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama's Tiananmen?

Student Strike at University of Puerto Rico Enters 28th Day

University students in Puerto Rico are on strike. The administration and the government of Puerto Rico are trying to cut funding. And of course, as one would expect under Obama's rule, the cuts are aimed at students and staff .... and especially at poor students who get financial aid.

The students and staff are on strike, and have shut down the university's campus' across the island. There is only one American response to such an act. The campus' have been surrounded by armed riot police, and the riot police are using starvation to try to end the strike. Wall street's riot police are at it again.

Most parents urge their children to study. American parents in Puerto Rico are reduced to trying to throw bread and water in to their children over the fences. The video includes film of the riot police attacking a parent who wants the students to have some food and water. Welcome to Obama's America ... parents trying to throw food and water to their children, and being grabbed and arrested by riot police for doing so.

As someone who watched Obama's riot police outside his coronation convention here in Denver, this isn't a surprise. This is the Democratic response to any who protest rule by wall street and for wall street. Obama's riot police are at work again.

In Puerto Rico, they are trying to organize a general strike to support the students. Too bad the rest of America can't learn from that. The best thing to do would be to join the strike, and to do similar to protest our own university cuts, fee hikes and privatizations. Puerto Rico isn't the only place where wall street's depression is being used to attack the democratic idea of public education. Apparently the decedents of the Sons of Liberty now have to learn from Puerto Ricans how to defend their democracy.

And make no mistake. An attack on the idea of public education at all is a direct attack on democracy. Democracy can not survive with an uneducated public. Which is why public education has been under direct attack for at least the last 30 years.

At some point, Americans will have to choose what's more important to them. Wall Street? Or democracy? Its rapidly appearing as if we can't have both.

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