Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama's direct attack on free speech

Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda On Political Websites

Disturbing audio has emerged of White House information czar Cass Sunstein, who in a previous white paper called for banning “conspiracy theories,” demanding that websites be mandated by law to link to opposing information or that pop ups containing government propaganda be forcibly included on political blogs.

You will be force fed your government propaganda. If you dare to turn off Faux News or CNN and choose to try to get your news elsewhere, the Obama administration likes the idea of 'mandates' to force every political blog to link to government information that they insist that you see.

Welcome to Obamaland. Regardless of whether this becomes law or not, they've told you what they want. Like Bush saying he'd love to be a dictator, eventually their true desires slip out. Obama would really love a law requiring that every political website give his point of view.

I keep saying 'Please stop voting Democrat'. Or Republican for that matter. You are killing us and our country by doing so.

Why does a democracy have a 'communications czar' anyways?

Since we have to have budget cuts to pay for Obama's wars and the Wall Street bailouts and the Bush tax cuts that are now guarded by Democrats, couldn't we at least cut the 'communications czar' before taking away Social Security and Medicare? How about a 'czar reduction plan'? We got many more czars in this country than any democracy should have? Shouldn't we be able to save some money by getting rid of a few?

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