Monday, January 25, 2010

Liberal Self-Deception

Coup in Honduras: D by Mark Engler via FPIF.

Generally, this is a pretty good piece. He correctly points out the awful policies that Obama pursued that basically legitimated the right-wing coup in Hondurus.

The Obama administration's true failure was that it bombed the final exam: the scheduled November 29 presidential elections. Shortly after brokering a deal designed to pressure the Honduran Congress to reinstate Zelaya and allow him to serve the end of his term, Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon reversed himself and declared that the United States would recognize the elections even if Zelaya remained out of office. And that is exactly what happened.

We're now left with a new government tarnished by the legacy of the coup and elected amid massive protest and popular abstention. Pro-coup forces continue to perpetuate frightening human rights abuses, including the repression of critical journalists and the abduction of prominent pro-democracy activists. Yet the Obama administration has articulated no plan for exerting its considerable leverage to promote the return of legitimate democracy.

My problem with the piece overall is that the author gives Obama way too much credit for words. He says the Obama administration did fairly well early on, mainly because of its words that criticized the coup. Later on, he says that we shouldn't be too hard on Obama because the words from ex Bush officials were worse.

This is the deception that the liberals try to sell. When you look at actions, when you look at policies, there is very little difference between a Democrat government and a Republican government. The only difference is that the Republicans will crow about how great the coup is, while Obama will just utter some words where he says that coups are awful things. But, while uttering the pretty words, the Obama administration was very helpful to the coup in keeping key aid flowing (despite the words) and in blocking any OAS action on Honduras.

I guess if words are important, then you can say the Democrats are better than the Republicans. But, if you dismiss the words as being the equivalent of a magician's patter or a con man's game, and if you learn to only watch the actions .... then you can see that nothing changes.

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