Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The very long war

On Obama's Peace Prize

The modern American "Peace" movement must surely get some sort of an award for being the most ineffectual movement in history. They represent the views of at least 60% of Americans who want these wars to end, but they can not manage to pull off anything with the slightest impact on the wars.

Its their latest effort that has me shaking my head. They just wrote a 'open letter' to the Noble Peace Prize committee. Ok, some obvious points to be made there, as our wonderful man of peace has just escalated the war in Afghanistan by yet another 30,000 troops.

So, what do these wonderful leaders of our peace movement ask for in this letter? What dramatic step forward for mankind and the peace of the world are they calling for?

We assume that the Nobel Committee chose to award President Obama the peace prize in full awareness of the vision offered by Dr. King’s acceptance speech. We also understand that the Nobel committee may now regret that decision in light of recent developments, as we believe that the committee should be reluctant to present an Orwellian message equating peace with war. When introducing the President, the Committee should, at the very least, exhibit a level of compassion and humility by drawing attention to this distressing ambiguity.

That's it?

First, its so badly written, that what they actually ask for, which is merely for the President's introduction mention the fact that he's a warmonger creating more wars in the world, is hard to even find until you read it several times. And this is all buried down in paragraph number five of this 'open letter'. This is obviously what comes out when you assign a committee to write a statement.

And that's all they want? Heck, that's not worth the paper the letter's written on. They killed a tree to say this? Couldn't they at least ask that the committee actually withdraw the prize?

The American peace movement. Doesn't have the power to accomplish anything. Doesn't even have the guts to ask for anything. Useless.

We need to build our own peace movement from the ground up. Don't wait on leaders. Don't wait on organizations. Build it yourself in your neighborhood.

Because, if we have to wait on this bunch of 'antiwar leaders' to bring peace to the US, we are going to have a very, very, very long war.

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Samson said...

PS ... not surprisingly, this weak and poorly written letter did not achieve its goals. And God only knows what the tortured English in this paragraphs sounds like to anyone who knows English as a second language.