Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Banks for the People

Chavez's Lines: December 6, 11 years later
Ever wonder why Chavez is so hated by the elites in the US? Its not because he's a 'dictator'. A strange dictator that's constantly having elections. No, its because he says things like this. Dangerous things. So dangerous that the citizens of the US are to be protected from such thoughts, here in this great land of freedom.

A good rule to follow is to always read the people they don't want you to read, and listen to the people they don't want you to hear. When someone is criticized and attacked, usually its a good idea to go find out why. Of course, you might find out they are a total idiot, but you should at least go check for yourself.

In this case, you might find out that its possible that a government might put white-collar bandits in jail rather than protecting them.

Banks for the people!

It is necessary to insist on the profound difference between the logic of the revolutionary state we are creating - which makes people a priority - and the logic of the bourgeois state.

Within the logic of the bourgeois state, capital pays and it receives: the only important thing is the permanent strengthening of capital to support an economic structure that not only ensures the abusive privileges of a few, but is designed for the reproduction of a model of society based on inequality and the exclusion of the majority.

Let's recall, when the financial crisis rocked the United States, we saw how the state power came to the aid of the corrupt bankers, forgetting the depositors.

Venezuela has seized control of seven banks and in our case, without any ambiguity, the idea is to protect depositors and guarantee their savings. In this particular case, we are talking about 713,200 depositors who trusted in these seven banks. In addition, we decided to include two of these banks in the public financial system in order to strengthen and broaden the support to low-income sectors.

What a difference! Over there, bankers are protected so they can continue with their sneaky tricks. Here, white-collar bandits go to jail.

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