Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They Lie

Even after acknowledging it's false, CNN and Fox News continue to push smear of Jennings from Media Matters.

CNN's Lou Dobbs and Fox News' Brian Wilson and Sean Hannity ignored their own networks' past reporting and continued to forward the discredited smear that, while working as a teacher in 1988, Department of Education official Kevin Jennings failed to report an underage student's involvement with an older man. Dobbs claimed that "Jennings admit[ed] to failing to report a sexual matter involving a minor," and Wilson claimed that Jennings admitted that "he failed to alert authorities when a 15-year-old boy told him he was involved in a sexual relationship with an older man," even though both and CNN have acknowledged that the student was of legal age -- 16 years old -- at the time.

The simplest way to deal with American corporate media like CNN and Fox News is to just simply assume that everything they say is a lie. After all, haven't they all been caught doing it way too many times. Just to catch a couple of highlights, these are the people who told us all that Iraq had WMDs and that if we didn't immediately give the Wall Street banks a trillion dollars or more the economy would crash immediately.

A 'news' organization really has one thing to sell. That is its credibility. For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone watches any of these channels. They've all lied so many times and so often that its ridiculous. Most of the time, they won't even admit their lies, much less take any credible acts to make sure it doesn't happen again.

We all know that we were all massively lied to about Iraqs WMDs. And those of us who are paying attention know that it was a deliberate policy from a group that came into the White House in 2000 determined to attack Iraq. Anyone who knows anything knew Iraq didn't have WMDs. And, these so-called 'news' outlets deliberately blocked any alternative voices from being heard. There were plenty of credible people, from former weapon inspectors to university professors who were clearly pointing out the WMD lies before the Iraq war. All of these 'news' channels refused to even let them on the air. Or, if they did give them a token notice, they treated them in exactly the same way Lou Dobbs treats facts in the story above. IE, they just ignored the inconvenient truths and went on telling their lies. Like Goebbels, they seem to think that if they tell big enough lies often enough, then people will believe them. What's most disturbing is that they seem to be correct in this.

And sometimes, what you don't see is important. Ask yourself, how many major American news organization FIRED editors who made poor decisions in telling the American people lies about Iraq's WMDs. Surely this was a major mistake. A major mistake that has so far cost the lives of more Americans than who dies on 9-11. Have you seen a 9-11 scale response to the fact that these people lied and 4000 or more Americans have died because of it? And that doesn't even consider the far more massive scale of their crimes against humanity, which you realize when you face up to the fact that these lies have caused the unneccessary deaths of over a million Iraqis.

Seems like that should be enough to cost someone their job. Have you seen waves of editors and reporters who told these lies getting fired? Nope. In fact, most of the public faces associated with these lies get promoted into bigger and better assignments. Have you seen any major policy changes to try to prevent these lies in the future? For instance, are these news organizations that got caught telling big lies now restricting the use of anonymous leaks from government officials. Nope, read any story about Iran's WMDs and you see the same techniques being used again.

So, big news organizations like CNN and Faux News lied. Those lies cost more American lives than died on 9-11. No one got fired. No internal policies changed. They seem happy that they lied, and seem determined to make sure it happens again. Don't hold your breath waiting for Lou Dobbs to get fired for this lie either.

The best thing to do is to turn off these channels. Completely. Don't watch them. I've used the parental blocking features on my sat dish to block these obscenities from entering my home. And I'm much happier now that I have. I don't get worked up by their fake propaganda, and I don't get their lies into my head. Best of all is when these junk channels have been pushing some trivial story like its major news and I'm blissfully unaware. I love it when someone who does listen to this junk is trying to tell me about some missing blonde somewhere, or some string of shark attacks that are thousands of miles away, and I'm blissfully clueless about what they are talking about.

Don't know if that means I'm getting the more important information that I need. But, if I'm succeeding in not hearing trivial and worthless 'news' that's designed to mislead or distract me, or in this case tell outright lies to my face, well that's a good step in the right direction.


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