Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Must kill more people! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Back to the Balkans by William Lind via Counterpunch.

Now, it seems, our distinguished secretary of state, Madame Clinton, wishes to revisit the scene of the crime. Perhaps looking about for something more promising than fighting Pashtuns, she is rumored to want another round with the Serbs. The demands, this time, are to be Serbian recognition of Kosovo’s "independence" (Kosovo is not a country and never has been; there are no Kosovars, only Serbs and Albanians who live in Kosovo) and the destruction of Republika Serbska, the Serbian portion of Bosnia.

The Democrats seem to be in an unusually blood-thirsty mood. Not happy with keeping the Iraq war going in perpetuity, nor with escalating the Afghan war and, nor with expanding that war into half of Pakistan, and not happy with saber rattling against Iran and letting it slip that they are happy with a war there as long as it happens when they are ready for it, they now apparently want to stir up the Balkans as well.

Boy, I'm sure glad we elected the peace party in the last election.

Just in case people forget, here's Mr. Lind's description of the after effects of the last Democratic 'humanitarian' war in the Balkans.

In fact, the two previous rounds of Balkan fighting and American and NATO meddling have left unstable situations needing only a spark to erupt. Bosnia is a hothouse creation, a figment of the globalist elite’s imagination. Like Oakland, there is no there there. It is a Croat-Muslim "federation" neither party accepts. The Croats want out, and the Muslims want to cut the Croats’ throats. All that keeps the lid on is the money that pours from the foreign troops who occupy the place.

Kosovo remains a festering boil, home to jihadists, drug distribution networks, and other 4GW elements of every sort. Serbia won’t give it up, and the Albanians will not rest until every Serb is gone or dead and every Serbian church or cultural monument is obliterated.

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