Thursday, May 14, 2009

Democrats love war

House passes $96.7 billion bill funding wars in Iraq and Afghanistan via

The House has approved $97 billion for military and diplomatic efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The measure also would pay for anti-flu programs and for additional cargo planes the Pentagon doesn't want.

The 368-60 vote on Thursday reflects bipartisan support for troops in harm's way overseas.

Democrats doing what they love to do. Spending billions of our money on war. Oh, they highlight the few token Democratic voices that oppose this. For instance, the article highlights Rep. Obey as someone who's growing critical of the war in Afghanistan. But here's the joke. It's his bill.

Title: Making supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Obey, David R. [WI-7] (introduced 5/12/2009) Cosponsors (None)

That's the lying Democrats in a nutshell. They pretend to oppose the war. They pretend to be critical of the policy. But when you look closely, its their name on the bill as the chief sponser of the bill.

So, what do you think matters most to the Afghani and Pakistanis who are dying in increasing numbers. That Rep Obey made some mealy mouthed comments that are kinda-sorta critical of the policy? Or that he just played a leadership role in shepherding through Congress another $100 billion to pay for more killing?

Been saying it for years. With Democrats, you have to watch the ACTIONS. The ACTIONS of Democrats like Obey, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and most of the rest is that they love these wars, and that even when Americans are struggling economically, they gladly give the Pentagon everything its wants, no questions, no strings. In fact, they even added on more money for cargo planes the Pentagon says it doesn't want.

The Democrats try to claim during election season that we must all vote Democrat to keep the Republicans from power. But, if the Republicans didn't exist. If the entire House was only just the Democrats, the war would continue, completely fully funded, by a vote of 200-51.

If you hear the talk, just laugh. Their actions scream that they aren't serious in what they say.

For an interesting intellectual exercise, compare how the Democratic leadership pushes through war funding, that is quickly and efficiently, with how they act on items EFCA or allowing judges to adjust mortgage terms in bankruptcy. The Democrats only seem ineffectual when they want to be. When it comes to giving hundreds of billions to generals or bankers, they are quick and efficient.

PS ... My local, phony liberal Democrat, DeGette, voted for more war and death and destruction. When in front of her very anti-war constituents, she's puts up a fake progressive front that pretends to oppose the war. But, there's her name, signed in blood, approving yet another $100 billion for more war, death and destruction. Typical Democrat. To see how your local Dem voted, click here.

PPS... To end the war, we need to REPLACE 157 members of Congress. How many will we replace in 2010?

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