Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die

Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die by Jason Miller at WebProNews.com

The Democrat rope-a-dope strategy of the last few years is coming back around to kill Net Neutrality. The initial plan was simply to let Republicans have enough rope to hang themselves. Congressional Democrats ignored calls for investigations and impeachment of members of the Bush Administration because doing so allowed them to drop all blame square on their opponents’ shoulders for everything without putting themselves under undue scrutiny. A few years of doing absolutely nothing was tantamount to lying low while Republicans destroyed themselves so Democrats could take over…and continue to do nothing.

and ...

You might have also noticed, like we have, that while anything the RIAA and the MPAA want goes right through Congress like crap through a goose, network neutrality legislation (wanted by the people who currently have no money) languishes and dies in committee.

Gee, what a shock. A bunch of Democrats, with big bags of corporate money in their accounts, favor corporations over citizens. What a surprise.

Add to this the data point from a week or so ago about how the "Employee Free Choice Act" is dying a similar death in the Democratic Congress. This is today's Democratic party. They use issues like this during the campaigns to help win elections, but then don't follow through once elected.

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