Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are you for peace? Or are you a Democrat?

With Obama in office, liberals learn to love war. by Justin Raimondo in American Conservative.

The big truth is that the antiwar movement has largely collapsed in the face of Barack Obama’s victory: the massive antiwar marches that were a feature of the Bush years are a thing of the past. Those ostensibly antiwar organizations that did so much to agitate against the Iraq War have now fallen into line behind their commander in chief and are simply awaiting orders.

Are you for peace? Or are you a Democrat? People are going to have to take sides on that question, as it becomes obvious that Obama and the Democrats plan to continue and expand these wars.

At least we will be able to clearly separate those who truly believe in the peace movement from those for whom it was just a campaign prop. And not just on the question of being for or against war? This is rapidly becoming true across a whole range of 'progressive' causes.

The key is not to let the betrayal of the Democrats stop us or even slow us down. We must hold true to what we believe, and let the Democrats walk away if they so desire. They'll quickly realize that they need us to beat the Republicans in elections and will soon be back to lie to us again before 2010.

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