Friday, March 20, 2009

House Passes Bill With 'Mandatory' National Service Clause

House Passes Bill With 'Mandatory' National Service Clause from

During an election season, we are often told that its better with the Democrats in power than with Republicans. And in some ways, that's correct. But it is also can be very dangerous to have conservative Democrats in control of the White House and Congress.

When there is a Republican President, many if not all Democrats will tend to vote against him. If for no other reason than party loyalty. This means votes in the House can be close, and sometimes, like on the first bailout bill last summer, the Republicans can be defeated.

But when there is a conservative Democrat in the White House, this dynamic changes dramatically. Now, the default option is for Democrats to 'support their President' and vote for his proposals. When these are conservative or militaristic, this means a large majority Congress is created as 'loyal' Democrats are joined with conservative Republicans.

This is how the bill bringing the DRAFT back to America just passed the House, 321-105.

Oh, the propaganda will tell you this isn't the draft. This story manages not to use the 'word' draft. 'Volunterism' is the propaganda word of the day, and its of course in the headline and prominent in this piece. Hidden most subtly are the words 'national service'. Some article correctly add 'mandatory'. This article downplace all of this by saying that 'forced service' is merely a concern. If you use the word 'slavery' for 'forced-service', are you more concerned? Although the propagandist for centuries have made sure the word 'slavery' is never used when it is the state that is demanding your 'forced service', at gunpoint if you dare to resist.

I was in the first group of 18 year olds not to be subject to the Draft after Vietnam. We still had to go fill out the selective service cards, but unlike those around me a year or more older than me, I didn't have to worry about being drafted. The main feeling I remember having back then was that I had other things to do with my life, other priorities to fulfill, other paths to follow. I thought it was fundamentally wrong for the government to step in and make me its slave for several years.

I still feel that way. You can dress it up with talk about doing other service beside military, you can hide it by duct-taping it to an existing volunteer agency. But this is still slavery. And, you know the bottom line is, the military is going to get enough bodies to fill what it considers its requirements.

It was the Jimmy Carter Democrats who ended the draft back during my youth. Now its the Obama Democrats that bring it back. Just one of the many ways you can see how radically the party has changed during my lifetime.

The Democrats bring back the draft. When I was 18, I never would have imagined I'd type those words.

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KDelphi said...

Terrifying...another slippery slope that peopel will take for granted because they think it wont happen again.I hope that they are correct, but, like you, I have my doubts, and, I dont trust Obama at all!