Friday, March 20, 2009


Contracts, according to Obama and the Democrats.

When Labor Unions have contracts with auto-companies, Obama and the Democrats insist that these contracts must be given up and new concessions made by workers as a pre-condition for any government bailout.

When investment bankers have contracts with AIG that guarantee them millions of dollars of bonuses, despite the fact that these are the very people who drove the company 'too big to fail' into government ownership, then Obama and the Democrats insist that these contracts are sacred, that they must be honored, and that these people must get their millions of dollars.

With the Democrats, always watch ACTIONS. Ignore their words, as they are often designed to mislead and sometimes are outright lies. But watch the ACTIONS of the Democrats. Watch who the Democrats really support, watch where the money goes with the Democrats, and you'll see the true nature of that party.

If you don't like what you see, check out the Green Party.

Note: I see David Sirota saying much the same thing.

Last month, the same government that says it “cannot just abrogate” executives’ bonus contracts used its leverage to cancel unions’ wage contracts. As The Wall Street Journal reported, federal loans to GM and Chrysler were made contingent on those manufacturers shredding their existing labor pacts and “extract[ing] financial concessions from workers.” In other words, our government asks us to believe that it possesses total authority to adjust contracts at car companies it lends to, and yet has zero power to modify contracts at financial firms it owns. This, even though the latter set of covenants might be easily abolished

Of course, since Mr. Sirota is a Democratic party activist, the bad guys in the piece mysteriously become an anonymous 'government' instead of the party and President he just helped bring to power.


KDelphi said...

Very good, thanks! I am still moving to another state. It is hard moving after al lthis time....I still read form time to time.

Hope all is well well as can be expected!

Nannie said...

Hello!!! KD....
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